What is Dimpak Affiliate?

Smart advertising platform specialized in electronic marketing and e-commerce in the Arab markets, especially the Egyptian market, and we aim to reach our business all over the Arab world. It seeks to achieve the maximum possible profits for the Seller and the marketeer through many advanced marketing tools and periodic lessons for marketers

Your impressive and impressive success is one of our most important goals, whether you are A distinguished product owner looking to increase sales volume An online marketer and you want to double your profits A content creator, an influential site and willing to double your profits.
As a publisher, you must have updated information related to the following areas:
  • Marketing experience, especially cost-per-click ads
  • Creating search engines for your website or social media channels Email Marketing
  • Other marketing skills
Dimpak pays marketers more than 60% of the amount determined by the Seller for each successful sale.
Financial payments are sent every month or every 500 pounds, whichever comes first.
Payment is made in many ways, including wire transfers, Vodafone cash, PayPal.
The incomplete sales commission is deducted from the marketer's profits - it occurs as a result of canceling the sale by the customer or refusing delivery.
The minimum issue of the dividend payment is 500 EGP.
Using misleading content: Try to trick the platform into any crooked ways to earn more profits Not to work inside the platform for 60 days without making excuses.
You have violated Dimpak Affiliate's terms and conditions of use. Perhaps you should take a look at the policies and conditions and if you think your account was mistakenly banned, you can contact the technical team here.
  • Social media platforms
  • Search engines
  • E-mail
  • Whatsapp
  • Sites and blogs
Note that the use of misleading ads type may expose you to permanently delete your account without warning and without giving reasons.
There is no risk for all subscribers on the platform as there are no fees or costs other than the percentage of the contracted discount that will not be deducted except in the case of selling only. The success and speed of sales depend on the strength of the product, the extent of the price competitiveness, and the size of the discount rate. Therefore, when you register on the platform, you must make sure some points you will find inside the registration form, such as the availability of the product periodically and continuously, and the extent of price competition for the consumer.